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As one of Australia’s leading institutions in health research and development, the University of Sydney is at the forefront of progress that is changing lives right around the world. We’re ready for incredible people like you to take the real-life clinical experience you get at the University of Sydney and drive real change in the health sector, both now and for generations to come.


  • Registered nurse
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Public and private sectors
  • Hospitals
  • Community
  • Doctor
  • Surgeon
  • GP
  • Dentist

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  • Alexandra 's Story

    Master of Public Health (Professional Practice)

    "It wasn’t until late into my science undergraduate degree that I discovered public health was my true calling. I knew I needed to find a course to help me develop the skills and build a career. The Master of Public Health inspired me to think big and aim high. I have been given fantastic opportunities and experiences that have set me up for my future career. I extended my degree partway through by doing a professional practice placement, so after which I enrolled for the Master of Public Health (Professional Practice). The university helped me find a placement at Family Planning NSW, where I gained invaluable experience. I now feel empowered to head out into the workforce and start making a difference in the health industry. I have been inspired to travel to Africa, to see what I have learned about, and get involved with health on a global scale.”

  • Melanie's Story

    Master of Intensive Care Nursing

    "The Master of Intensive Care Nursing has allowed me to strengthen and expand on my knowledge and competencies in critical care nursing, to provide safe and quality care to my patients. It has also opened my eyes to the many opportunities and avenues the nursing profession offers for further learning and professional development. I chose the University of Sydney because it had a specialised postgraduate program in nursing that was unavailable in my home country, and offered a great opportunity to study and work abroad to develop my professional abilities."

  • Myfanwy's Story

    Master of Nursing

    "The Master of Nursing graduate entry program has challenged me and encouraged me to aim high, both academically and in my clinical practice. Whilst very demanding, I enjoy the course and I have gained confidence in my knowledge and skills. I am excited about becoming a registered nurse and, through this course, now see beyond my original goal of 'becoming a nurse' to the broad range of paths and possibilities within this rewarding career."

  • Rochelle's Story

    Master of Nutrition and Dietetics

    "While studying at Sydney I was inspired by our lecturers who were currently out there working with communities and populations to prevent lifestyle diseases by promoting good nutrition. Their stories really changed my mind about how I wanted to use my dietetic training. After always thinking I would work clinically, I started thinking beyond the use of diet to treat disease and looked toward prevention."

  • Sarah's Story

    Master of Physiotherapy

    "Studying at Sydney allowed me to continue working part time as a physio aide/sports trainer while completing my degree. The Master of Physio involved four practicum placements in different fields of physiotherapy – cardiopulmonary, rehabilitation, musculoskeletal. In both public and private practice this experience enabled me to gain a diverse understanding of the different sectors of Physiotherapy. This has helped me in my workplace and community as I work with a diverse patient type and deal with a wide variety of injury management."

Research & Insights


    Does introducing plain packaging for cigarettes matter to you? Professor Simon Chapman is using research to lower rates of smoking. His work has been instrumental in the government's new policy on plain packaging.


    Explaining your research thesis can be challenging at the best of times, so imagine having to do it in just 180 seconds to an audience who know nothing about your field. Watch Suzie Ferrie, winner of the 2011 Three Minute Thesis (3MT) do just that.

  • What can you expect from our Master of Nursing program?

    Jacqui is a Nurse Practitioner at Sydney Nursing School. She shares her opinion on why the Master of Nursing is a unique and dynamic course that gives you great exposure to the clinical aspects of nursing.


    Does controlling our weight matter to you? Professor Stephen Simpson's unconventional research has led to new insights into the global obesity epidemic.


    Professor Ian Hickie is working to change attitudes towards mental health problems and treatments.


    Professor Bruce Robinson talks about the opportunities available to students of the Sydney Medical School.


    Professor Kathryn Refshauge talks about the exciting opportunities available to students of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney.

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