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Where will postgraduate study lead you?

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The University of Sydney Law School is one of the world’s leading faculties, with a ranking of 11th in the 2016 QS World University Rankings for the discipline of Law.
With more than 150 years of history to draw upon, Sydney Law School’s commitment to excellence in legal education is demonstrated in the strength and diversity of its course offerings.

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  • Understanding sexting

    Understanding sexting

    When new technology arrives, new habits follow. Sydney Law School has recently undertaken a survey into teen sexting, in order to understand perceptions of the practice as well as public and media discourse around it. Around 47% of those surveyed had sent or received a sext, reinforcing the need for education and legal clarification around the practice.

    Where will postgraduate study lead you?

  • Where will postgraduate study in law lead you?

    Our students in law share their stories about the opportunities that postgraduate study has opened up for them.

  • Meet our industry experts

    Learn more about our domestic and international practitioners and experts who teach in our postgraduate program.

  • Sydney Law School – The Master of Laws (LLM)

    Discover more about our flagship Sydney LLM, with a focus on Banking and Finance Law, Commercial Law and Corporate and Securities Law.

  • Sydney Law School – The Master of International Law (MIL)

    Discover more about Sydney Law School's Postgraduate Program in International Law.

  • Sydney Law School – Tax Program

    Find out more about your options in Sydney Law School's Tax Program.

  • Karolina Sibirzeff, Sweden, Master of Laws (LLM)

    Karolina Sibirzeff, Sweden, Master of Laws (LLM)

    "The reason I choose to enrol at the masters program at Sydney Law School was because the University offered a great variety of courses within the areas of law I wanted to specialise in. Having so many units to choose from I could design my degree to fit both my needs and my interests. I was also drawn to University of Sydney for it’s fantastic reputation and its high international ranking."

  • Frances Leitch, Master of Laws

    Frances Leitch, Master of Laws

    “After having been in practice for a couple of years, I enrolled in the Master of Laws to build up my technical expertise and develop a more specialised practice. I have found it a refreshing experience to go back to university to consolidate and develop my learning by being academically engaged and challenged. There is a wide range of subjects to choose from, which are exciting, practical and engaging, including overseas courses, comparative law courses and those taught by practitioners and experts from foreign jurisdictions.”

  • Khadrea Folkes, Jamaica, Master of Labour Law and Relations

    Khadrea Folkes, Jamaica, Master of Labour Law and Relations

    "As a Jamaican student, I’m from a culture that draws life lessons from adages such as ‘to he who much is given, much is expected’. Accordingly, I have been truly motivated to earn my place among the great minds which the Sydney Law School is known to produce.”

  • Tony Lui, Master of Laws

    Tony Lui, Master of Laws

    “After working as a lawyer in Southeast Asia and Sydney, I realised that I needed to consolidate and update my knowledge of Australian law. I was drawn to the University of Sydney because of the intellectual rigour of its courses, the ability to tailor a course to suit my interests, and the international teaching program.”

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