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The universe is full of exciting possibilities, ready to be uncovered, pulled apart and put back together again in innovative new ways. Science is the way we uncover the mysteries of the universe and our planet, and is our best hope for an incredible future. We’re excited to help you take this journey with us.


  • Agriculture, forestry & fisheries
  • Astronomy
  • Biotechnology
  • Business, management & consultancy
  • Conservation
  • IT, communications & technology
  • Materials
  • Mining & Resources
  • NGOs & international development
  • Sustainability
  • Vet and animal industries
  • Water
  • Urban and regional planner

Suggested Courses

  • Chun Xia Liang's Story

    PhD in land-atmosphere modelling

    "When I finished my honours degree, I said ‘enough, no more study’. But I soon found out you don’t reach your goal of a “good job" from your first degree. Although I had a skill that gave me work, there were limitations preventing me from making progress. I chose the University of Sydney because it has a reputation in agricultural research - and I love the campus! Postgraduate research has given me more insight into myself. I have learned more about what I want to do, and what I can (and can’t) do. This will help me to choose a career that suits me and keep me motivated. It has also helped build my confidence language skills that will enable me to participate more robustly in the community. I look forward to my future opportunities, and know I will make the most of them.”

  • Richard's Story

    Master of Sustainability

    "My studies have changed my outlook, in terms of how society interacts with the environment and how society views itself. It’s given me a completely different perspective. I was accepted into another degree (pharmacy), but I was more interested in the environment and the bigger picture and sustainability is the thing of the future – it’s the growing thing."

Important Dates

  • Jul 25

    The gut microbiota of termites: evolutionary origin and functional adaptations

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  • Jul 29

    Is there an evolutionary framework for biomedical research?

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  • Aug 4

    The neuroscience of mental health disorders in children

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  • Aug 5

    Evidence based health: moving forward

    Find out more
  • Aug 7

    Sydney Ideas - Food@Sydney Seminar Series #1

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  • Aug 18

    Sydney Ideas - X-ray Crystallography: a new view of the world

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Research & Insights


    Lindsay Soutar, National Campaign Manager of the 100% Renewable Community Campaign, discusses the future of sustainability.


    Working as a clinical psychologist, Amanda's time at Sydney was crucial in preparing her to work with children and adolescents with complex difficulties such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.


    Watch James Herbert-Read talk about his experience researching at the University of Sydney.

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