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Suggested Courses

  • Einar's Story

    Museum and Heritage Studies

    "Through my work as Assistant Collections Manager I met a number of successful colleagues who had completed the same course in previous years and who recommended that I would benefit from doing the same. Doing my study gave me insights and skills I would not have otherwise had access to, and has helped immensely in my current role as Assistant Curator, as I was able to study part-time whilst working full-time, which was a huge plus. The Masters enabled me to make the leap in my career that I had been seeking. It also gave me a solid grounding in the history and development of museology and the multiple facets that make up museum work in this present day.”

  • Georgina's Story

    English Studies Graduate

    "My course has provided me with opportunities to mix with like-minded individuals in the field of English, to travel and attend international conferences, and to both research and work within a University. It has also lead to a deeper understanding of the implications of literary and cultural theory, and a renewed appreciation for the subject as well as the opportunity to review the role of the teacher and reflect on my own teaching practice. Having completed the Masters, and part of a PhD, I have returned to teaching with a renewed and extended knowledge of the subject, awareness of contemporary issues within the field, and a deep appreciation for what has always been a love of mine: English literature. This has enriched and reinvigorated my teaching practice.”

  • Laura's Story

    Master of Human Rights

    "The Master of Human Rights has allowed me to specialise in something I am truly passionate about. It has given me the opportunity to meet other like-minded students and staff and engage in a fantastic internship program combining the theoretical component of my course with key field experience."

  • Lucy's Story

    Master of English Studies

    "I had always been keen to undertake a Master’s degree, yet having three children and working fulltime was not particularly conducive to study. I was keen to explore my passion for Shakespeare further so I decided to start slowly – one unit of study per semester. I initially enrolled in the Grad Cert, but after finishing those courses I upgraded to the Masters. It was so inspiring to discover that I was not too old to learn and that I could impart that learning to my students. Contrary to my fears I found a spring in my step and managed to fit in the extra work. I loved reading critical works, new texts and listening to academics that were so well versed in their areas of expertise."

Important Dates

  • Aug 20

    Clinicians, Causation and Infectious Diseases

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  • Aug 21

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Bites Talk Series

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  • Aug 21

    Food@Sydney Seminar #2 – Obesity in its social context

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  • Aug 24

    The Art of Melancholy, Michael Ann Holly

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  • Aug 25

    Building resilience critical to end hunger and undernutrition by 2025

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  • Aug 25

    Sydney Ideas - Why the Scientific Revolution Wasn't a Scientific Revolution

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Research & Insights


    Senthorun Raj believes it’s an issue of justice and fairness, while Professor Annamarie Jagose thinks the campaign for same-sex marriage is a red herring for the 21st century pursuit of social justice, distracting us from the real and unaddressed conditions of social inequity.


    Professor Robyn Ewing's School Drama Project uses drama techniques in the classroom to improve children's literacy and life skills.


    Does averting global conflict matter to you? For Associate Professor Jingdong Yuan, the transition to a more peaceful and secure future relies on engaging global powers at a regional level.


    Professor Robert J Tierney talks about the exciting opportunities available to students of the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney.


    Professor Duncan Ivison talks about the exciting opportunities available to students of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney.

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